Rosemary’s rugs are all original design, hand hooked works of art she creates in her studio at Chapter Two in Corea. Working on monks cloth with 100% hand dyed wool, Rosemary’s rugs speak of the important elements in her life: her love of the Maine coast, especially the small islands off the shores of Corea and the Schoodic District of Acadia National Park; books and reading; animals and nature; and the artists that have influenced her in her life.

 Rosemary’s inspired interpretations feature color and shape and are meant as celebrations of people, places and ideas.

Bee Inspired - 48" x 50"
Sheep Island
Barren Birch
Use It Up 8
Little Red Bird
Acadia Birches - 32" x 43"
Red Tail Whale - 51" x 29"
Heath Home - 29" x 30"
The Village - 15" x 32"
Morning Glow - 29" x 21"
Beach Blanket Lobsters - 49" x 18"
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