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Join us on the back porch for our 2nd annual event. We will be celebrating our 42nd anniversary, Garry's 71st birthday and Rosemary's 67th birthday, and raising funds to support Frenchman Bay Conservancy, which conserves distinctive ecosystems, lands and waters for the benefit of all. We will enjoy luscious deserts, grand libations and the company of friends and neighbors, artists and art lovers. We will visit, meet, laugh, share, enjoy and support an organization that is near and dear to our hearts. Last year we raised in excess of $4,000 to help Frenchman Bay Conservancy, with over 13,000 acres of conserved land and 30 miles of free public hiking trails, protect the land we love. If you will be unable to make our event, you can still support FBC by sending your donation to Chapter Two or to Frenchman Bay Conservancy in our name or by making a contribute on line.


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