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Embodied Dreamwork with Louisa Heyward

Tuesday, July 23rd, 9 - 12

Dreams are archives of personal histories and portals to possible futures. They reveal family and cultural narratives which can act as guidance towards future life choices and greater possibilities. Sorrento Dreamwork Practitioner Louisa Heyward will guide participants through an interactive Embodied Dreamwork experience, which provides a very different approach to understanding dreams than traditional analysis which uses defined dream images and symbology. In Embodied Dreamwork there are no set definitions; any given place, person, object, or symbol can differ in its meaning from dreamer to dreamer and also from time to time in the dreamer's ongoing life situation. Dreams are interpreted through associative exploration of each dreamer’s emotions, history and experiences. It is a relational practice which often leads to unexpected results and insights. Louisa will provide an introduction to the practice of Embodied Dreamwork. Workshop participants will draw or journal to self reflect and Louisa will guide willing participants to arrive at dream insights, which may happen sometimes days after the end of the session. Participants should bring a dream. Journals, drawing and writing tools will be provided.  Limited to six people. 9-12, $35

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