Change is good

Change can be many things -- it is a strong, dramatic force which, when good, speaks clearly and loudly; it feels right and empowering.

Last year, we felt it was time for a change. We began talking about selling Chapter Two and refocusing our energies. No matter how much we tried to convince ourselves that this was a good change, the idea never spoke to us loudly or clearly; it didn’t feel right or empowering. We finally came to realize that it was neither the right direction nor change for the good.

So we have reconsidered. We will open the 2016 season with our annual Kick Off the Season Open House the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend (May 28).

Meanwhile, we are thrilled to announce changes for Chapter Two (and us) that are good, clear, right and empowering. We have decided to invest in Chapter Two, restoring the schoolhouse with two levels -- the ground floor will be Rosemary’s studio and hooked rug gallery as well as a workshop/event space. The second level will be our home. The Spurling House will become our public gallery space and, in phase two of our project, be renovated and expanded to showcase the many exceptional artists and artisans we are proud to represent. We have begin working on plans for the renovated schoolhouse. We hope that work will begin in the fall and be complete for the 2017 season. Our construction timetable is flexible and dependent on a variety of factors, however, and we will make adjustments and accommodations as needed.

Thank you for all your support over the years. We look forward to sharing our journey and celebrating the future of Chapter Two with you.

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