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Wild and Wondrous, Book Signing with Margie Patlak

Saturday, July 8, 2 - 4

Join us as we celebrate the publication of Margie's second book, Wild and Wondrous, Nature's Artistry on the Coast of Maine. For award-winning science writer and photographer Margie Patlak, exploring the unique Maine coast opens a door to deeper insights and a greater appreciation for nature's artistry. Fog erases all boundaries and imparts a sense of the unknown. Repeating lines of clouds render infinity with their visual echoes. Tree reflections in a pond or tidal pool give us pause. From blueberry barrens ablaze with autumnal color to tidal shores decorated with barnacles and rockweed, Patlak's lens captures Maine's diverse habitats and inhabitants while conveying her sublime sense of wonder at its natural beauty.


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